Dating hemmi slide rule

Rare slide rule lot pickett/sun hemmi collectors condition - $5300 this auction is for a lot of (2) slide rulers in pristine collector condition auction includes: pickett model # n 1010-es sun hemmi no259d both rulers were part of a collection and are in perfect to near perfect condition, the sun hemmi case is cardboard and has damage from. Disclaimer: i do not sell slide rules or slide rule parts this presents itself as the complete authoritative listing of all hemmi slide rules ever made. But the weird case and rule itself are a dead giveaway that this is no ordinary late hemmi slide rule and therefore must be the mythical geotec (hemmi). Tina's hemmi slide rules where equivalent model numbers have been included in brackets, this information was obtained from paul ross' website hemmi slide rule catalogue raisonne.

Date bids price ($) text 10-oct-2004: 21: 8699: nib hemmi 149a pocket slide rule and manual outstanding quality 22 scale duplex rule sealed in bag: 22-nov-2004. Hemmi slide rule for sale, we feature discounted hemmi slide rule up to 75% off retail on our site. Sun hemmi #266 electronics slide rule, sun hemmi #266 electronics slide rule is designed with the electrical/electronics engineer in mind, equipped as it is.

Welcome to vintage instruments: slide rules and more new and previously owned instruments of math, science, and engineering hemmi 260, log-log rule. Details on hemmi slide rules are listed in paul ross's article, a comprehensive hemmi slide rule catalog, in jos, vol 12, no1, spring 2003. Hemmi bamboo slide rule company ltd in japan is the oldest and most well known japanese manufacturing company making slide rules jirou hemmi and company was founded in 1895 and, in 1912, was granted by the japanese patent office patent no 22129 for their laminated bamboo construction method for slide rules. Slide rule museum /library unique slide rule company dating a slide rule becomes difficult if a 1946-1950 - post resumes rebranding hemmi slide rules.

Net resources index accuracy griffenfly java universal slide rule emulator a hemmi-45 emulator dating of k & e rules. Welcome to vintage instruments: slide rules and more new and previously owned instruments of math, science, and engineering. Hemmi slide rule co, ltd: hemmi kigyo co, ltd manufacturers: optacore: instrutech, inc optoskand: jutronic: raymat: ondračka. The slide rule trading company sells and trades new and used slide rules and slide rule repair parts this page lists repair parts for frederick post and hemmi slide rules.

Dating hemmi slide rule

Keuffel & esser slide rules although i've also had a few rules dating to 1957 that this rule is virtually identical to the contemporary hemmi hughes. Hemmi bambou - patent 58115 this japanese slide rule was used by my grandfather it has all basic scales plus trigonometric on reverse of slider. Hemmi slide rule catalogue raisonné: this catalogue raisonne describes every slide rule ever made by the hemmi slide rule company of japan--or at least all those i have been able to identify.

In 1895, a japanese firm, hemmi, started to make slide rules from bamboo historical dating of specimens, slide rule course, loaner slide rules for schools. Hemmi slide rule catalogue raisonne one can estimate dates of hemmi slide rules from markings on the rules most rules from 1950-52 escaped dating. See resources below for a paper on the multiple complex steps which this company used to make high precision slide rules sun hemmi dating the serial numbers and.

This application simulating a slide rule (slipstick)the slide rule reproduces hemmi no 30 slide rule, which has a, b, c, ci, d, s, l, t scalesthis device calculate multiplication, division, exponentiation, root extraction and calculation of trigonometric and logarithmic functions using logarithmic scales. Aristo multilog nr 970 for digital slide rules i have hemmi rules myself 13cm, 17,cm, 25cm slide rule dating – see this adress:. Shop for-and learn about-vintage slide rules the slide rule, invented by william oughtred in 1622, consists of two divided scales, one fixed and one. Sliderules from wikipost sun hemmi p280 low cost two color simplex rule here is a list of the most common slide rule scales letter(s).

Dating hemmi slide rule
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